Refrigerator Water Filter EDR8D1

Water Filter EDR8D1 is expertly crafted to enhance water quality by effectively minimizing the presence of chlorine flavor, odor, and other particles, resulting in a refreshing and healthier drinking experience. Its installation process is both swift and effortless.

How To Replace Water Filter EDR8D1

EDR8D1 replaces all the part numbers shown below.

EDR8D1 | AP5983568 | 8171413 | 2204324 | 2204326 | 2206039 | 2206048 | 2213384 | 4273172 | 8171413R | 8171414 | 8171787 | 8171788 | 9002 | FILTER8 | PS11722139

EDR8D1 fits all models listed in the table below.

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Model Number Brand
10657202602 Kenmore
106.57202602 Kenmore
106-57202602 Kenmore
10657204602 Kenmore
106.57204602 Kenmore
106-57204602 Kenmore
10657206602 Kenmore
106.57206602 Kenmore
106-57206602 Kenmore
10657209602 Kenmore
106.57209602 Kenmore
106-57209602 Kenmore
10657212602 Kenmore
106.57212602 Kenmore
106-57212602 Kenmore
10657214602 Kenmore
106.57214602 Kenmore
106-57214602 Kenmore
10657216602 Kenmore
106.57216602 Kenmore
106-57216602 Kenmore
10657219602 Kenmore
106.57219602 Kenmore
106-57219602 Kenmore
10659512290 Kenmore
106.59512290 Kenmore
106-59512290 Kenmore
1065951799 Kenmore
106.5951799 Kenmore
106-5951799 Kenmore
CS22AEXHN00 Crosley
CS22AEXHN01 Crosley
CS22AEXHN02 Crosley
CS22AEXHW00 Crosley
CS22AEXHW01 Crosley
CS22AEXHW02 Crosley
CS25AEXHN00 Crosley
CS25AEXHW00 Crosley
ED22PEXHB00 Whirlpool
ED22PEXHB01 Whirlpool
ED22PEXHB02 Whirlpool
ED22PEXHB03 Whirlpool
ED22PEXHT00 Whirlpool
ED22PEXHT01 Whirlpool
ED22PEXHT02 Whirlpool
ED22PEXHT03 Whirlpool
ED22PEXHW00 Whirlpool
ED22PEXHW01 Whirlpool
ED22PEXHW02 Whirlpool
ED22PEXHW03 Whirlpool
ED22TEXHN00 Whirlpool
ED22TEXHN01 Whirlpool
ED22TEXHN02 Whirlpool
ED22TEXHN03 Whirlpool
ED22TEXHN04 Whirlpool
ED22TEXHT02 Whirlpool
ED22TEXHT03 Whirlpool
ED22TEXHT04 Whirlpool
ED22TEXHW00 Whirlpool
ED22TEXHW01 Whirlpool
ED22TEXHW02 Whirlpool
ED22TEXHW03 Whirlpool
ED22TEXHW04 Whirlpool
ED22UEXHN02 Whirlpool
ED22UEXHT00 Whirlpool
ED22UEXHT01 Whirlpool
ED22UEXHT02 Whirlpool
ED22UEXHW00 Whirlpool
ED22UEXHW01 Whirlpool
ED22UEXHW02 Whirlpool
ED25CEXJB00 Whirlpool
ED25CEXJB01 Whirlpool
ED25CEXJT00 Whirlpool
ED25CEXJT01 Whirlpool
ED25CEXJW00 Whirlpool
ED25CEXJW01 Whirlpool
ED25PEXHB00 Whirlpool
ED25PEXHB01 Whirlpool
ED25PEXHB02 Whirlpool
ED25PEXHT00 Whirlpool
ED25PEXHT01 Whirlpool
ED25PEXHT02 Whirlpool
ED25PEXHW00 Whirlpool
ED25PEXHW01 Whirlpool
ED25PEXHW02 Whirlpool
ED25TEXHN00 Whirlpool
ED25TEXHN01 Whirlpool
ED25TEXHN02 Whirlpool
ED25TEXHN03 Whirlpool
ED25TEXHT02 Whirlpool
ED25TEXHT03 Whirlpool
ED25TEXHW00 Whirlpool
ED25TEXHW01 Whirlpool
ED25TEXHW02 Whirlpool
ED25TEXHW03 Whirlpool
ED25UEXHT00 Whirlpool
ED25UEXHT01 Whirlpool
ED25UEXHW00 Whirlpool
ED25UEXHW01 Whirlpool
ED27PEXHB01 Whirlpool
ED27PEXHB02 Whirlpool
ED27PEXHT01 Whirlpool
ED27PEXHT02 Whirlpool
ED27PEXHW01 Whirlpool
ED27PEXHW02 Whirlpool
ED5GTFXKQ00 Whirlpool
ED5GTFXKQ01 Whirlpool
ED5GTFXKQ02 Whirlpool
ED5GTFXKT00 Whirlpool
ED5GTFXKT01 Whirlpool
ED5GTFXKT02 Whirlpool
ET1FTTXKB01 Whirlpool
ET1FTTXKB02 Whirlpool
ET1FTTXKB03 Whirlpool
ET1FTTXKQ00 Whirlpool
ET1FTTXKQ01 Whirlpool
ET1FTTXKQ02 Whirlpool
ET1FTTXKQ03 Whirlpool
ET1FTTXKT00 Whirlpool
ET1FTTXKT01 Whirlpool
ET1FTTXKT02 Whirlpool
ET1FTTXKT03 Whirlpool
ET2AHTXLQ00 Whirlpool
ET2AHTXLQ01 Whirlpool
ET2AHTXLT00 Whirlpool
ET2AHTXLT01 Whirlpool
ET9AHTXLQ00 Whirlpool
ET9AHTXLQ01 Whirlpool
ET9AHTXLQ02 Whirlpool
ET9AHTXLT00 Whirlpool
ET9AHTXLT01 Whirlpool
ET9AHTXLT02 Whirlpool
ET9FTTXLB00 Whirlpool
ET9FTTXLB10 Whirlpool
ET9FTTXLB11 Whirlpool
ET9FTTXLB12 Whirlpool
ET9FTTXLB13 Whirlpool
ET9FTTXLQ00 Whirlpool
ET9FTTXLQ10 Whirlpool
ET9FTTXLQ11 Whirlpool
ET9FTTXLQ12 Whirlpool
ET9FTTXLQ13 Whirlpool
ET9FTTXLT00 Whirlpool
ET9FTTXLT10 Whirlpool
ET9FTTXLT11 Whirlpool
ET9FTTXLT12 Whirlpool
ET9FTTXLT13 Whirlpool
GR2SHTXKB00 Whirlpool
GR2SHTXKB01 Whirlpool
GR2SHTXKB02 Whirlpool
GR2SHTXKB03 Whirlpool
GR2SHTXKL01 Whirlpool
GR2SHTXKL02 Whirlpool
GR2SHTXKL03 Whirlpool
GR2SHTXKQ00 Whirlpool
GR2SHTXKQ01 Whirlpool
GR2SHTXKQ02 Whirlpool
GR2SHTXKQ03 Whirlpool
GR2SHTXKS00 Whirlpool
GR2SHTXKS01 Whirlpool
GR2SHTXKS02 Whirlpool
GR2SHTXKS03 Whirlpool
GR2SHTXKT00 Whirlpool
GR2SHTXKT01 Whirlpool
GR2SHTXKT02 Whirlpool
GR2SHTXKT03 Whirlpool
GT1SHTXLB00 Whirlpool
GT1SHTXLB01 Whirlpool
GT1SHTXLQ00 Whirlpool
GT1SHTXLQ01 Whirlpool
GT1SHTXLT00 Whirlpool
GT1SHTXLT01 Whirlpool
GT9SHTXLB00 Whirlpool
GT9SHTXLB01 Whirlpool
GT9SHTXLQ00 Whirlpool
GT9SHTXLQ01 Whirlpool
GT9SHTXLT00 Whirlpool
GT9SHTXLT01 Whirlpool
KTRA19ELBL03 Whirlpool
KTRA19ELBT02 Whirlpool
KTRA22ELBL03 Whirlpool
KTRS22ELBL01 Whirlpool
KTRS22ELBT01 Whirlpool
KTRS22ELWH01 Whirlpool
SS22AEXHW01 Whirlpool
SS22AEXHW02 Whirlpool
SS25AEXHW01 Whirlpool
SS25AEXHW02 Whirlpool
SS25AEXHW03 Whirlpool
TS22AEXHW00 Whirlpool
TS22AEXHW01 Whirlpool
TS22AEXHW02 Whirlpool
TS22AEXHW03 Whirlpool
KTLA19ELSS00 KitchenAid
KTLA19ELSS01 KitchenAid
KTLA22ELSS00 KitchenAid
KTLA22ELSS01 KitchenAid
KTLA22ELSS02 KitchenAid
KTRA19ELBL00 KitchenAid
KTRA19ELBL01 KitchenAid
KTRA19ELBT00 KitchenAid
KTRA19ELBT01 KitchenAid
KTRA19ELSS00 KitchenAid
KTRA19ELSS01 KitchenAid
KTRA19ELWH00 KitchenAid
KTRA19ELWH01 KitchenAid
KTRA22ELBL00 KitchenAid
KTRA22ELBL01 KitchenAid
KTRA22ELBL02 KitchenAid
KTRA22ELBT00 KitchenAid
KTRA22ELBT01 KitchenAid
KTRA22ELBT02 KitchenAid
KTRA22ELSS00 KitchenAid
KTRA22ELSS01 KitchenAid
KTRA22ELSS02 KitchenAid
KTRA22ELWH00 KitchenAid
KTRA22ELWH01 KitchenAid
KTRA22ELWH02 KitchenAid
KTRC19ELBL00 KitchenAid
KTRC19ELBL01 KitchenAid
KTRC19ELBT00 KitchenAid
KTRC19ELBT01 KitchenAid
KTRC19ELSS00 KitchenAid
KTRC19ELSS01 KitchenAid
KTRC19ELWH00 KitchenAid
KTRC19ELWH01 KitchenAid
KTRC22EKBL00 KitchenAid
KTRC22EKBL01 KitchenAid
KTRC22EKBT00 KitchenAid
KTRC22EKBT01 KitchenAid
KTRC22EKSS00 KitchenAid
KTRC22EKSS01 KitchenAid
KTRC22EKWH00 KitchenAid
KTRC22EKWH01 KitchenAid
KTRC22ELBL00 KitchenAid
KTRC22ELBL01 KitchenAid
KTRC22ELBL02 KitchenAid
KTRC22ELBT00 KitchenAid
KTRC22ELBT01 KitchenAid
KTRC22ELBT02 KitchenAid
KTRC22ELSS00 KitchenAid
KTRC22ELSS01 KitchenAid
KTRC22ELSS02 KitchenAid
KTRC22ELWH00 KitchenAid
KTRC22ELWH01 KitchenAid
KTRC22ELWH02 KitchenAid
KTRP22EKBL01 KitchenAid
KTRP22EKBL02 KitchenAid
KTRP22EKBT00 KitchenAid
KTRP22EKBT01 KitchenAid
KTRP22EKBT02 KitchenAid
KTRP22EKSS01 KitchenAid
KTRP22EKSS02 KitchenAid
KTRP22EKWH00 KitchenAid
KTRP22EKWH01 KitchenAid
KTRP22EKWH02 KitchenAid
KTRS19ELBL00 KitchenAid
KTRS19ELBT00 KitchenAid
KTRS19ELWH00 KitchenAid
KTRS21ELBL00 KitchenAid
KTRS21ELBT00 KitchenAid
KTRS21ELWH00 KitchenAid
KTRS22ELBL00 KitchenAid
KTRS22ELBL02 KitchenAid
KTRS22ELBT00 KitchenAid
KTRS22ELBT02 KitchenAid
KTRS22ELSS02 KitchenAid
KTRS22ELWH00 KitchenAid
KTRS22ELWH02 KitchenAid
RS25AEXLQ00 Roper
RS25AFXMQ00 Roper
TS25AEXHW01 Estate
TS25AEXHW02 Estate