How To Find Your Refrigerator Model Number

To find the model number on your refrigerator first open the refrigerator door. Then look on the right and left inner refrigerator walls for a metal plate or sticker that shows the model and serial number. The model number is want you need to find what water filter it uses if you don't already know. If you can't find it inside the refrigerator remove the kickplate from the bottom of the refrigerator and look on the base of the refrigerator behind where the kickplate was for the tag.

Other Places You Might Find The Model Number On Your Refrigerator

1. On the interior ceiling
2. On the inside wall of the freezer
3. On the inside of the door
4. On the door frame
5. On the interior wall behind the lower crisper drawer
6. On either inside wall of the unit
7. On the interior floor bottom (remove crisper drawer)
8. Behind the kick plate